IDEAS Lab Members

Founding Faculty

Rachel Arnette

Rachel Arnett

Assistant Professor of Management
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Sigal Barsade

Sigal Barsade

Joseph Frank Bernstein Professor
Professor of Management
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Stephanie Creary

Stephanie Creary

Assistant Professor of Management
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Nancy Rothbard

Nancy Rothbard

David Pottruck Professor
Professor of Management
Chairperson, Wharton Management Department
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Doctoral Lead and Lab Manager

Tim Kundro

Timothy Kundro

Doctoral Candidate, Management
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Other Members

Arianna Beetz

PhD Student
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Lindsey Cameron

Assistant Professor of Management
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Constantinos Coutifaris

PhD Student
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Allison Elias

Senior Fellow and Lecturer
Undergraduate and MBA Advisor, Management
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Dana Harari

Postdoctoral Fellow
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Karren Knowlton

PhD Candidate
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Matthew Lapalme

Lecturer in Management and Postdoctoral Researcher
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Jacob Levitt

PhD Student, Management and OB
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Ozias A. Moore

Visiting Assistant Professor
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Samir Nurmohamed

Assistant Professor of Management
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McKenzie Preston

Doctoral Student
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Becky Schaumberg

Assistant Professor, Operations, Information, and Decisions
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Jared Scruggs

PhD Student
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Njoke Thomas

Postdoctoral Researcher
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